Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No.2

    Box of 25


    I love the dimly lit smoking clubs, they have a lot of character and you meet all kinds of interesting people who can teach you anything new about the cigar game. However, I can understand lovers not wanting to be locked away in some dark corner. There's nothing better than smoking a No. 2 with a cold beer in hand on a sunny day. Refreshing, fruity and airy, this Robustos has underperformed in some of the smoking clubs I've been to.

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    The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 is a completely hand-made Cuban cigar with tobacco leaves coming from Vuelta Abajo. This Robusto cigar has an with excellent burn and it is the last made product from Hoyo de Monterrey. This Cuban cigar has a smooth strength, it has an intense Cuban tobacco taste, blended with cocoa, cinnamon and dried fruits.

    Box of 25
    Ivan Gondorhold

    The best of all the price!

    An incomparable softness with a pleasant taste in the mouth and a delicate aroma. The best of all the price!

      Charles Peterson

      This is a very good Habano for beginners,

      This is a very good Habano for beginners, good price and delicate flavor and aroma. Enjoy it!

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