H.Upmann Magnum 46

    Box of 25


    The aroma of Magnum comes through the middle of the cigar. It starts out mild, but ends up being very complex and creamy. The truly unique flavors of the Upmanns are moist flavors like chocolate and espresso, which make a great young cigar.

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    143 mm


    Light to Medium
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    The Magnum's flavors come out fully toward the middle of the cigar. Starts out mild but gets very complex and creamy toward the end. Upmanns are thruly unique in their flavor of wet aromas such as chocolate and expresso, which make it a terrific young cigar.

    Box of 25
    Paul Murphy

    This is one of my favorite so far.

    Just tried my first one and i have to say this is one great cigar !!! The MAGNUM 46 really stands alone. Amazing taste from the beginning to the end !!!

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