H.Upmann No.2

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    The resemblance of these cigars to Montecristo cigars is present in almost all sizes of the Upmann brand. This #2 cigar is one of the best tapered cigars on the market, as sometimes Montecristo cigars lack the care required to make H. Upmanns. The only difference is a slight reduction in intensity. Beautifully drawn and burned. Great Habano cigars, only for true cigar lovers.

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    156 mm


    Light to Medium
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    The similarities of these cigars with the Montecristo cigars are present in almost all the sizes of the Upmann brand. This No. 2 is one of the tapered cigars per excellence, since the care that was put into the making of the H. Upmann, at times, is not present in the Montecristo cigars. The only, difference would be barely in one degree less of strength. Magnificent draw and combustion. A great Habano, only for real enthusiasts.

    Box of 25