H.Upmann Half Coronas

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    You'll still find the familiar H. Upmann flavor, but with a thin ring gauge and block length like this, this is a full-bodied cigar than you might expect. Everything happens quickly, and the temptation to smoke faster and faster has to be resisted. Rhythm is key. The H.Upmann Half Corona is fun, great for a shot of espresso, and a humidor-friendly cigar.

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     Ring Gauge



    90 mm


    Light to Medium
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    Box of 25
    Jason Robinson

    A very pleasant surprise.

    This is one full cigar at half the size. Nearly an hour of exquisite smoking pleasure, strong enough but not aggressive, layered taste, even burn, a real treat. I bought one, will now by a metal box of five. Already among my favorites, alongside Ramon Allones Small Club and Partagas Mille Fleurs.

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